Our pedicure comes with an aromatherapy soak and maintenance for your feet including the removal of calluses. We finish the service with a massage with sea salt, lotions, a foot mask, a hot towel rub, and a polish of your choice.  

Pearl Pedicure

A full pedicure using Pearl Powder. Pearl Powder is beauty secret from China which contains many different mineral and amino acid that benefit the skin and body. The pedicure comes with it's own soak,cleanser,scrub,foot mask, massage cream, and finishing cream. This pedicure is especially good for UV protection and brightening the skin.

Ultimate Jelly Pedicure

A full pedicure using Aloe Jelly. Aloe Jelly is a solution that when added to water becomes a translucent fluffy jelly which is uses as a pre-soak for the pedicure. The jelly is use to massage aching muscles and moisturize the skin. Also comes with its own foot mask, and massaging cream for use during the pedicure. This pedicure is especially good for pain relief and soothing sore muscles.